Terry Crews says 90-day sex fast strengthened his marriage

Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca, decided to abstain from sex for 90 days, and the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor says that the fast actually strengthened his relationship with his wife.

“[It was] 90 days — no sex, all relationship, all talk, all cuddle,” he said in an interview with Huffpost Live. “I found that at the end of that 90 days, I knew who she was, and it wasn’t about ‘Let’s go out because I know I’m going to get some sex later.’ It was like, ‘Let’s go because I want to talk to you. I want to know you.'”

He said that the same would be true of most men, pointing out that it is often the case that men feel they need to put on a show rather than admit their desire for intimacy of an emotional kind.

“You’re not looking for porn. You’re looking for someone to know you and love you at the same time,” he said. “That’s all you want — every man out there. But he’s scared sometimes. That’s why men put up big fronts.”

Terry and Rebecca have been married for 25 years, since 1990, and have five children together. And from the looks of things, their marriage is only going to get stronger.