Eddie Griffin believes Cosby allegations are part of a conspiracy to bring down successful black men  thinks that the rape and sexual assault allegations made against Bill Cosby are part of a larger conspiracy intended to take down successful black men.

On Wednesday, an interview was published on VladTV, in which Griffin expressed his belief that “there is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image.”

“They want us all to have an asterisk by our name,” he said.

Griffin went on to cite the rape allegations against Kobe Bryant and the child molestation rumors surrounding Michael Jackson as further proof that Cosby was not alone in being subjected to the conspiracy.

Griffin also criticized Cosby’s accusers themselves. In the interview, he said that the 1970s were “a different time” in which quaaludes were used often in order to “level out” after taking cocaine.

He went on to criticize the actions of the women who accused Cosby of sexual assault.

“So did he rape these b******?” he asked before saying, “All of ’em said the same thing, we went to the room. Why would you go to the room of a known married man?”

He also criticized the woman for waiting so long to tell their story.

“30 years… I don’t understand that. That’s like a motherf***** robbing me and then I wait 30 years to call the police,” he said.

Griffin went on to claim that Cosby was a good man, pointing to his charity work and his work helping kids go to college and inspiring others to aspire to better things in life.