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Atlanta rapper 2Chainz is trying to extend the Christmas spirit beyond the holidays.

The rapper discovered a GoFundMe page created by Atlanta’s Progression Church that was trying to help a family of 11 who were about to be evicted. The family had children with medical needs, yet they were living in a home with a pest and mold problem and with no heat.

After discovering the family’s story, 2Chainz’ organization, The TRU Foundation, gifted the family a 5-bedroom, 2-bath house for free for one year. The family was able to move in one day before they would have been evicted from their old home.

“All you have to do it pray… you got to have faith,” 2Chainz said of the situation.

“You never know where your blessing will come from. Just keep praying and the man above will answer, ya digg?” he wrote.