Woman killed in road rage shooting in Texas

A woman in Texas was killed by a man who fired his gun at her from the backseat of a car during a road rage incident.

The woman, Brittany Daniel, was taking her coworker home when a car driving recklessly pulled up next to her.

“Apparently the vehicle thought that the victim’s car maybe wasn’t traveling fast enough, so they tried to get around the victim’s car,” said Arlington police spokesman Lt. Christopher Cook.

Daniel’s coworker and friend, Jasmine Thomas, said that words were exchanged between Daniel and the people in the other car. “He kept swerving in and out of lanes,” Thomas said.

According to Cook, the other car pulled ahead of Daniel’s car. Seconds later, the backseat window was rolled down, and a man fired at least two shots after screaming obscenities at Daniel and Thomas.

“We heard two pops. [Brittany] said that she was hit. She managed to pull over and she managed to say that she had been shot and ‘Call 911 for me Jasmine,’ and I did,” Thomas said.

But by the time an emergency team arrived, it was too late to save Daniel.

“By the time me and my wife got there, they were telling us that we lost our baby,” said her father, Malcolm Daniel.

Police are now asking for anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

“This is someone that needs to be caught, that needs to be brought to justice,” Lt. Cook said.