Postal service employee arrested for beating up supervisor and shouting racial slurs

A Tennessee postal service employee is now in custody after he attacked his supervisor and shouted racial slurs at her.

Richard Martin’s supervisor Regina Todd said that she was in her office when Martin approached her and started to scream obscenities and racial slurs at her.

“Next thing I knew he was in my face and called me explicit explicit I’m tired of you explicit with me, and next thing I know, he hit me and knocked me out of my chair,” Todd said. “While I’m laying on the floor, he went to throwing different objects at me and picked up my chair and threw it at me.”

“It was really scary. I thought he was going to kill me,” Todd said. “I feel horrible because all I do is try to do my job.”

Todd went on to say that she was not sure why Martin attacked her, because he did not report directly to her. “I know people don’t like you sometimes because they don’t like you enforcing the rules, but that’s my job,” she said.

A plant manager said that Martin was believed to have mental issues, but he returned to work after an evaluation.

“It bothers me because people with a mental issue you never know–any little thing may set them off,” Todd said.