Confederate flag display includes black doll hung from noose

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The place: East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania. The problem: A Confederate flag display with a black baby doll hanging from a noose with a knife in its back.

Rachel Szolek was driving through West Overton Village when she saw the racially offensive display on a fence near on someone’s property.

“We actually turned around because we had passed the house,” Szolek told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.  “And there it was, and the first thing was shock.”

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Szolek took a photo of the display with her cell phone and posted the image to Facebook.

Action News 4 reporter Beau Berman got wind of the story and tracked down East Huntingdon Township’s supervisor Paul Hodgkiss.

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Hodgkiss said that he was “definitely against anything like that in our township.”

Officials in a nearby community admitted that they have been hearing about the display for months but could not do anything about it because the area was outside their jurisdiction.

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The display was eventually taken down minutes after Berman knocked on the homeowner’s door to ask questions.