20 percent of Donald Trump supporters disagreed with freeing of slaves in southern states after Civil War

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Nearly 20 percent of Donald Trump supporters disagreed with the freeing of slaves in the South after the end of the Civil War.

That’s what recent national data shows from YouGovaccording to the New York Times.

According to exit poll data from South Carolina, 74 percent of voters polled favored a temporary ban on Muslims who are not citizens from entering the country. Trump reportedly won 41 percent of this group.

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Trump won the Nevada Caucuses handily Tuesday at nearly 46 percent, nearly doubling the output of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who finished second and third respectively.

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Lynn Vavreck of the New York Times writes that data from YouGov and Public Policy Polling shows the extent to which Trump “has tapped into a set of deeply rooted racial attitudes.”

USA TODAY’s David Jackson says that Trump is now the “undisputed front-runner” in the GOP field.

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The numbers don’t lie. Trump’s momentum ahead of Super Tuesday is at an all-time high.