Lee Daniels says Donald Trump 'is coming to take us down'

Empire's Lee Daniels isn't scared of much, but he is scared of Donald Trump.

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Empire‘s Lee Daniels isn’t scared of much, but he is scared of Donald Trump.

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Daniels said. “I’ve dodged bullets — real bullets before — but now I’m afraid because these motherf—ers are coming for us, y’all.”

Daniels made the comments at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in L.A. on Saturday night and urged people to “do the right thing” by voting for Hillary Clinton.

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Although Daniels never mentioned the Republican presidential frontrunner by name, it was clear who he was referring to as he continued to speak: “He’s taking over — he’s coming in to take us down, y’all, and this is serious business. Let’s do the right thing and make sure Clinton is in that f—ing office and taking care of us.”

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“I don’t think you realize how much they’re coming for us,” Daniels added. “And this is not a joke. I’ve watched everyone make light of what is going on. They are coming for every one of you. White people are not excluded — they’re coming for us.”

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He implored people to stop thinking of Trump as a joke candidate, saying, “It’s time for us to do the right thing. I’m not laughing; this ain’t funny.”