HBCU professor fired for having sex with students on camera

An Alabama A&M was fired and arrested after a computer at his home was discovered to have footage of the professor engaging in oral sex with two students.

A school laptop recovered at the home of Dr. Edward Jones reportedly showed the sex acts taking place with two different male students. The school said that the incidents took place on campus.

However, Jones is insisting that the school has been harassing him for years, and he filed a suit against the school saying that the school was retaliating because he blew the whistle on their mismanagement of federal and state funds and “charging students for services it did not provide.”

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“Dr. Jones’ whistleblower speech and signed statement regarding AAMU’s illegal conduct in charging students for services it did not provide and mismanaging federal and state funds designed to implement teacher certification information management system was met with a retaliatory attempt to terminate him, prosecute him and humiliate and ruin Dr. Jones’ reputation,” the lawsuit stated.

In response, the university has vigorously defended its decision, releasing a statement saying: “As is plainly evident by the university’s filings, the university is fully committed to defending its decision to terminate this professor,” it reads. “The inappropriate conduct exhibited by this former faculty member will not be tolerated on this campus. The university is committed to providing an educational environment that is conducive to learning for our faculty, staff and students. In that vein, the university will take whatever steps are necessary to protect the integrity and interests of the institution.”

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