Love Jones 2? Larenz Tate explains why it’s been difficult to get a sequel made

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Love Jones 2? Is it happening?

Larenz Tate said he would be more than willing to reprise his role as Darius Lovehall in a sequel, but he doesn’t want the second film to fall short of the original’s cult status.

“The script would have to be dope, we don’t want to compromise on the integrity of the movie and what has become a classic to people,” he said during an interview with the hosts of the “Don’t Be Scared” podcast.

Tate says there is not as much interest as he would like from studios or the general public.

“It would have to make sense to the studios, they have a big say in that,” Tate said. “When people bring that up if I could take some sort of analyzation or analytics for every person who said “Let’s do a Love Jones 2”—When I communicate that to studios [they’re like] ‘Oh that’s cool, they’re fans. We get that from all movies’ But naw, the culture is on something else. The culture is saying something different.”