Parade float depicts Pres. Obama in toilet with words ‘Lying African’

A Fourth of July parade in Sheridan, Indiana, has left several people upset after a float depicted President Obama in a toilet with the words "Lying African."...

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A Fourth of July parade in Sheridan, Indiana, has left several people upset after a float depicted President Obama in a toilet with the words “Lying African.”

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Darryl Brownie was with his family at the parade when he saw the golf cart driving in the parade and took pictures to post them to Facebook to show the world “how disrespectful it was.”

The golf cart depicted President Barack Obama in a toilet with the words “Lying African,” and the driver appeared to be wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with a blonde wig. Signs for presidential candidate Donald Trump were seen on top of the golf cart.

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Don Christy admitted that he drove the golf cart through the parade but did not fill out an entry application, rather simply lining up with the floats before being waved through, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Christy said that the display was intended to be funny, not racist, but admitted that people had as much right to be offended as he had a right to express himself. “I apologize to anyone I offended, which would be a total liberal. I have my right to say things,” Christy said. “Isn’t that what the Fourth of July’s about? Freedom.”

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The float prompted a response from a few town officials including Sheridan Town Council President David Kinkead, who released this statement on Tuesday night:

“On behalf of the town of Sheridan, I am deeply appalled by the blatantly disrespectful and racist display that took place during Sheridan’s Fourth of July parade yesterday. Such an act is not representative of the town of Sheridan, the town’s elected officials, or the residents of our community. Our town, community and county have always striven to be open and inclusive to all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.”

On Tuesday, Sheridan Police Chief Robert Shock said that they did not see the golf cart before the parade began: “The only thing we do is lead the parade and direct traffic. I saw it for the first time when it came by me at the parade.”