Memphis Grizzlies announcer fired for taking elicit pictures in church

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The Memphis Police Department has opened an investigation into the behavior of Memphis Grizzlies announcer Rick Trotter, who was fired for “deception and moral failures of a sexual nature.”

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The investigation led to an arrest warrant Tuesday as police found that Trotter, 40, had been taking pictures of people without their consent at the Downtown Church and had been “making upskirt videos of church members,” allegedly “while services were going on.”

According to WREG, in May Trotter was found kneeling behind a woman during church service with his cell phone and stored the video on a church laptop.

The church released the following statement on the matter:

We, the elders of Downtown Church, are deeply saddened to announce that, effective May 27, Rick Trotter was terminated as an employee of Downtown Church. This was the result of deception and moral failures of a sexual nature.

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As you can imagine, this revelation has been deeply devastating to all of us. We, as elders, have come around his wife and children offering spiritual, emotional and financial support. We will continue to support and encourage them, and we know the Downtown Church family will follow suit.

We have responded swiftly as information has emerged, with counsel from trusted professionals. As we move forward in this process, we want the congregation to know we are fully committed to operating with integrity and transparency.

The Grizzlies had also distanced themselves from Trotter last month but did not announce it until Trotter’s arrest had been made public.

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