Disney sued by ‘Doc McStuffins’ actress over merchandise revenue

According to a lawsuit, Disney has not been paying Kiara Muhammad her fair share of the merchandise revenue for popular Disney Junior show "Doc McStuffins."

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According to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Disney has not been paying Kiara Muhammad her fair share of the merchandise revenue for the popular Disney Junior show “Doc McStuffins.”

According to the suit, which was filed by Anitra Muhammad on the teen’s behalf, Kiara voiced the character on daily contracts with single-day recording sessions. At the end of each day, the contract would be terminated, with a new one-day contract the next time she came to record. This despite the fact that the Muhammads tried on multiple occasions to propose longer-term contracts than the single-day sessions.

The complaint goes on to allege that the defendants not only consistently failed to pay Kiara in a timely manner but also have failed to pay her share of merchandising revenue for the popular Disney show. She was paid a flat fee of $5,000 for her first season, but after that, she was supposed to receive 2.5 percent of the net merchandising receipts for the character.

Kiara voiced the popular character from 2012-2015 before Laya DeLeon Hayes stepped in to fill the role.

Disney has not yet commented on the pending suit.