Woman creates Gofundme to pay for divorce from her abuser

Vanessa Gritton has created a Gofundme account to help pay for her divorce from her abuser.

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A woman has created a Gofundme account to help pay for her divorce from her abuser, asking not only for donations but also comments that she can show to her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

The page, which is called “Help Me Divorce This D**k Already,” has already reached its goal, but the page itself has generated much conversation.

“I have tried to get my divorce for two years. Begged for it. I stopped fighting as hard when a visit to gather his things turned into an assault because hey, let’s have the worst thing to every happen to me be sparked by an argument over a tacky suede vest,” Vanessa Gritton explained on the page.

But she went on to say that she finally managed to get him on the phone and basically demanded the divorce from him. He eventually relented and said that he would sign everything if he would give her $1,500. She agreed, but then she quickly realized that she didn’t have the money.

She then explained, “I can get this sh** done for about $600. That amount I totally have part of and can be divorced be Christmas (Is that a country song? It should be a country song.)”

“So, the 300 is for the remaining fees. The paperwork, the filing, anything that I do not have at the moment but need to get done ASAP. I plan on having everything filed by the end of this month. Also like 20 bucks for a bottle of Henny I plan on consuming in celebration,” she said, adding that any extra money would be used on a party to celebrate finally being free.

She ended the request for money with a request for comments, saying, “So help me complete the biggest “f**k you” with a crowdsourced divorce. You don’t even have to donate. Feel free to leave a fun note because I am absolutely printing the comments and leaving it in a manilla envelope on his front steps because no woman should feel afraid, or ashamed, or made to feel like a victim and thank god that was replaced by blind anger because imma bout to be a big f******* problem.”