President Obama’s star-studded farewell party went on until 4am

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The star-studded farewell party for President Barack Obama went until 4 a.m., and it looks like it was a blast!

While guests were not allowed to record, the celebrities and A-listers who attended the bash were sure to post online about the party and also to post selfies from the soiree. The whole thing lasted into the early hours of Saturday morning, and apparently, Barack and Michelle Obama were serving up chicken and waffles to their guests.

With Donald Trump’s inauguration less than two weeks away, this is the last party the president and First Lady will host at the White House.

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“It’s something that they’ve done in the past and something I anticipate they’re going to do again tomorrow,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday. “Over the years, the President and first lady have on occasion  not frequently, but on occasion  they’ve hosted parties at the White House for their friends. And I anticipate this will be the last one that they have. They’ve got some packing to do.”

Check out some of the pictures and posts from Friday night’s bash. We sure are going to miss this amazing First Family when they leave!