(Photo: Sky Arts/Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

Almost a year ago, we were all wincing over the news that Joseph Fiennes had been cast to play Michael Jackson.

Now, a trailer for Sky Arts’ “Urban Myths” has dropped, including clips from the upcoming episode in the eight-part series that will apparently take on the apocryphal story of when Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando went on a road trip after 9/11.

Besides the fact that this episode will feature a white man playing a man who always considered himself to be black, no matter what happened to his skin tone, the way Fiennes is done up to look like Michael Jackson is almost cartoonish, with a false nose and a pasty makeup job.

It’s just a shame that Stockhard Channing’s Liz Taylor will share an episode with Joseph Fiennes’ Michael Jackson, because she actually looks good in this clip.

Check out the cringe-worthy trailer below.