‘Human Ken Doll’ can’t breathe properly after 50 plastic surgeries

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“Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves has reportedly spent nearly half a million dollars and has undergone about 50 plastic surgeries, eight of which for nose jobs alone.

But Alves’ quest to perfect his appearance comes with a price, which he shared with the British TV talk show This Morning.

“July of last year I had my nose reconstructed with a piece of cartilage from my ribs,” Alves, whose money comes largely from inherited properties. “That helped, but I still can’t breathe 100 percent.”

When the hosts asked why he continues to get surgeries despite the negative effect on his health, Alves said that the surgeries had a “domino effect,” with one surgery after the next requiring repair and upkeep.

“Now I can’t breathe so I have to do another surgery to repair my breathing,” he said. “It’s just like when you start dyeing your hair.”

The hosts, concerned for Alves’ health, suggested to him that he could always stop the surgeries and even suggested that he might be addicted to them, but Alves simply wouldn’t hear it.

“No one can get addicted to plastic surgery,” he said. “There’s no such thing.”

As for his resemblance to Barbie’s longtime love interest, Ken, he had this to say: “It was never my intention to look like the Ken doll, but apparently I look like a doll. I personally don’t think I look like a doll.”