Attacker arrested in beating of man who offered to pay for meal

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A 21-year-old man has been arrested for his part in the brutal beating of a Good Samaritan who offered to help pay for a meal at a Brooklyn restaurant.

Police said on Friday that they had arrested Kariem Roberts in connection with the beating and robbery of Joseph Molohon at Texas Chicken & Burgers. The robbery took place on March 1.

Molohon, who is disabled, had been sitting near the cashier’s counter in a booth when he heard two men discussing the fact that no one would give them a dollar. But when Molohon offered to help pay for their meal, the two men attacked him instead, at one point even snatching his can away to begin beating him with it. Two other assailants were caught on video joining in the beating as all four punches and kicked him.

After the beating, the group dragged Molohon to the front door and went through his pockets before they fled.

Molohoon was left at the front of the restaurant as customers continued to enter and stepped around him before police arrived and took him to the hospital, where he was treated for broken bones, cuts and bruises.

Roberts turned himself in on Thursday and was identified in a photo lineup. He has since been charged with robbery, gang assault and menacing. Police are still looking for the other three attackers.