Blame the victim: United Airlines passenger gets reputation dragged through the mud

The Kentucky doctor who was in the viral video now making the rounds online when he was dragged off a United Airlines flight when he refused to yield his seat is now getting his name dragged through the mud.

David Dao, the man who was beaten bloody when police came to remove him from the United flight, was reportedly convicted in a drug-related bust that forced him to fork over his medical license for ten years.

Dao was reportedly investigated by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure 14 years ago and was convicted along with Brian Case, who had once been a patient of his and subsequently worked for him. Dao allegedly made inappropriate comments toward Case and then “pursued him aggressively” despite Case quitting, until they came to an arrangement in which Dao would allegedly trade drugs for sex.

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Dao was convicted in November 2004 and gave up his medical license, though he was allowed to begin practicing medicine again in 2015, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Dao also reportedly joined the World Series of Poker, according to TMZ, and won $117,000 in a 2009 tournament.

Dao was one of four passengers who was asked to leave an overbooked United Airlines flight. However, when Dao refused to give up his seat so that some airline employees could make a connecting flight, he was forcibly removed. In a disturbing video that has since gone viral, Dao can be seen, bloody and disoriented, being dragged off the flight.