Tracy Morgan makes dramatic return to stand-up in new Netflix special ‘Staying Alive’

Tracy Morgan is back in action – and better than ever.

The comic and SNL alum’s new Netflix special Staying Alive marks his return to stand-up after suffering through a car accident in 2014 that left him in a coma.

His special pokes fun at his recovery in ways only Morgan could pull off.

Morgan sat down with Entertainment Studios’ Jon Kelley to talk about his special.

“I never left,” Morgan insists. “I just took a little break. This Netflix special is just a culmination. It is literally self-explanatory: Staying Alive. Because I wanted this to be one of the greatest. Next to ‘Raw’, next to ‘Richard Pryor Live in Concert’, next to ‘Bringing the Pain’. ‘Staying Alive’. That sums it all up for me.”

Tracy Morgan names his father as his biggest comedic inspiration, calling him “Richard Pryor funny.”

‘I’m just being like my father – That’s what I’m doing,” Morgan said before looking up to the sky. “‘I hope you’re proud of me.'”