‘Can I Be Me’ trailer reveals Whitney Houston’s dark struggles with fame

On Tuesday, Showtime dropped a trailer for its Whitney Houston documentary, Whitney: Can I Be Me.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

On Tuesday, Showtime dropped a trailer for its Whitney Houston documentary, Whitney: Can I Be Me.

The trailer leads out with a voiceover: “There will always only be one Whitney Houston, and all you can say is ‘drug addict’? Come on. Please.”

From there, we get a glimpse into Houston’s life behind the scenes as well as the toll that fame took on her personal life. Quotes from interviews showed that Houston was struggling with the dark side of fame: “Her favorite saying was ‘Can I be me?” says one person. “Her rise to fame just took the wind out of her.”

“She never had this belief that she was this amazing person,” said another. “The longer she stayed in it, the harder it was to get out.”

The trailer also showed an interview with Houston that revealed that same line of thought. “Success doesn’t change you,” she said. “Fame does.”

Finally, the trailer ends with another voice giving the indictment: “Whitney Houston died from a broken heart. She died from a broken heart.”

The documentary is set to premiere on Aug. 26 on Showtime, and in the meantime, we have a trailer and high praise from the Tribeca Film Festival that suggests this one is going to be worth the wait.