Woman sues Keyshia Cole for $4M in alleged assault over Birdman

Sabrina Marcadel is suing the singer for Mercadel's suit is asking for damages caused by pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of earnings.

Back in 2014, Keyshia Cole allegedly found Sabrina Mercadel with ex-boyfriend, Birdman, and was so enraged by her jealousy that she beat the woman badly. Now, Mercadel is hitting Cole with a lawsuit to pay for her medical and other expenses.

Mercadel’s suit is asking for $1.5 million in damages caused by pain and suffering; $500k for emotional distress; $2 million for the loss of use of a body part; $200,000 for future medical expenses; $50,000 for loss of earnings; and $300,000 to cover the future loss of earnings.

The suit originally came after Birdman’s building, but that has since been dropped. She has also insisted that her relationship with Birdman was “plutonic.”