Petition seeks to ban R. Kelly from Atlanta radio, cancel upcoming concert

A petition has been launched to ban the singer from Atlanta radio as well as to cancel an upcoming concert tour stop there over allegations of sex cult.

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In response to the allegations made against R. Kelly claiming that he is holding young women hostage in a sex cult, a petition has been launched to ban him from Atlanta radio as well as to cancel an upcoming concert tour stop there.

The petition, with the tagline #MuteRKelly, asks the Atlanta radio community to “cease playing R. Kelly’s music on all Atlanta radio stations” and demands that the Fulton County Board of Commissioners “revoke the existing contract with Live Nation, for the August 25, 2017 concert at Wolf Amphitheater, in College Park, GA.”

–R. Kelly hires crisis team amid sex cult accusations, cancels tour dates–

The petition reads:

It’s time we take a collective stand against R. Kelly’s serial sexual, mental and physical abuse of young African American women. His flagrant disregard for our sisters has been ignored for far too long. Enough is enough. If the law won’t stop it, it’s time that we take a stand. We have failed our sisters and our community by allowing this monster to continue to prosper, continue to tour, continue to be played at our family reunions and weddings, and continue to get airtime on Atlanta radio.

The petition also calls out Atlanta’s “disgraceful history of child sex trafficking” before adding, “The latest allegations against R. Kelly are text book examples of sex trafficking and we cannot continue to promote him and his actions, especially in our city where this is such a rampant problem.”

The petition continues:

Let’s stand together and petition Atlanta’s radio stations to no longer play the music of a known rapistpedophile and child molester. Let’s let it be known that we will NOT continue to tolerate the abuse of black women and girls in our city. Let’s come together as a community and say BLACK WOMEN’S LIVES AND SAFETY MATTER, not just against outside forces like the police, but against internal ones as well. Let’s let it be known that a celebrities ability to make us dance or cry or laugh does not absolve them of their crimes.

You can read the full petition here.