Staffer says Usher hooked up with accuser at Days Inn Hotel

A staffer who worked at a Days Inn Hotel claims that she saw Usher hook up with Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who is accusing him of sleeping with her without disclosing his alleged herpes status.

Sharpton said in a press conference that she had been attending a concert around the time of her birthday when Usher picked her out of a crowd and had security get her contact information. She claimed that he then called her up, and they went to a hotel to have sex.

According to TMZ, the timing of the story, at least, checks out, with the concert in question taking place on Nov. 15, 2014, a few weeks after her birthday, which is in October. There is also a picture of Sharpton with singer August Alsina, who opened the concert, further proving that she was at least there at the concert.

However, Usher has reportedly said that, while he might have picked her out of the crowd to come on the stage, he didn’t have sex with her, apparently because she was not his type.

But a staffer who was at the Days Inn Hotel when Sharpton and Usher allegedly met up there was offended by the comment and reached out to TMZ to describe how she had seen Usher at the hotel on Nov. 16, shortly after midnight.

The staffer said that Sharpton had come down to meet Usher and take him up to her room. The staffer also asked Usher if she could take a picture with him, and while he agreed to do so before he left the hotel, she waited an hour but never got her picture.