Second lawyer withdraws from Cosby sexual assault trial

Angela Agrusa is the second lawyer to file a motion to withdraw from the defense of beleaguered comedian Bill Cosby, who is facing a trial in a sexual assault case brought against him by Andrea Constand.

This after lead attorney Brian McMonagle filed a motion to withdraw completely from the case less than two weeks ago.

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill had called for a hearing to discuss McMonagle’s departure next Tuesday, just in filing for withdrawal, Agrusa asked for the jury to postpone until Sept. 11 so that Cosby could obtain new counsel.

The Montgomery County Assistant DA opposed the delay, but Judge O’Neill has not yet ruled.

Cosby’s spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, said that he was still reviewing candidates for Cosby’s next counsel, though Agrusa would be remaining on as Cosby’s civil counsel.

“I will be naming our legal counsel at the end of the month,” Wyatt told The New York Post.

Cosby is facing a trial for his sexual assault case in which he was accused of drugging and assaulting Constand without her consent. A trial earlier this year ended in a misstrial after the jury was unable to come to a decision, resulting in this upcoming retrial.