Randall Woodfin is Birmingham’s next mayor

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Randall Woodfin is the next mayor of Birmingham, Alabama.

Woodfin ran against incumbent Birmingham Mayor William Bell, who had been at City Hall for seven years and who was in politics for 40 years. By contrast, Woodfin is going to be the youngest mayor of Birmingham since David Fox took office in 1893 and is a relative newcomer to politics, previously serving as a school board president.

During the August 22 municipal election, Woodfin was ahead in a group of twelve candidates, meaning he and Bell were forced into a runoff, which Woodfin ultimately won.

“I think this is a historic night for our city, for our community,” Woodfin said. “I think how people run campaigns is a glimpse into how they govern. We made this campaign 100 percent about the people of Birmingham, focusing on their issues, their struggles, their desires for the direction of the city.”

It was a sweeping victory for Woodfin, who led the polls two hours after they closed by 20 percent.

“It is a mandate,” he said. “People want change. I don’t think they want it for change sake. As I have always said, people want to participate in progress. We have a city full of history, but what about the present and the future as well.”

After Woodfin’s win, several people congratulated him, including Bernie Sanders, who tweeted out this message of support: “Congratulations to Mayor-Elect for running a great grassroots and winning campaign. I look forward to working with him.”