EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married to Medicine’ star Toya Bush-Harris sounds off on cheating scandal

While plenty of people had a problem with Toya's assertions that Jackie was culpable in her husband’s cheating scandal, they didn’t get the whole story.

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The season premiere of Married To Medicine was pretty heavy due to the fact that Dr. Jackie Walters was dealing with her husband’s infidelity. The ladies did their best to lift her spirits with a stripper party but were left consoling their heartbroken and humiliated friend as she dealt with the shocking news.

While plenty of people had a problem with Toya Bush-Harris‘ assertions that Jackie was culpable in her husband’s cheating scandal, they didn’t get the whole story.

“Of course I said a lot more than what was shown. They don’t show you everything. What you didn’t see is that Jackie asked each of us our opinion. I didn’t just go in and offer it up. We were talking about whether or not she should take him back,” Harris tells theGrio.

“I’m not going to hell for anybody just to lie for something silly. She asked, ‘What are your thoughts?’ I said, ‘It doesn’t give him a pass and I don’t know if I would take Eugene back. I probably would not.’”

On the show, it seemed Toya was blaming Jackie’s busy schedule and refusal to make more time for her husband as the reason for his infidelity, and insisted affair stemmed from a place of loneliness.

“Every season he would go on national TV crying and begging for her attention and personal time. At the end of the day if you made a vow to this man, you’re supposed to be there. You know what it takes to nourish your marriage,” she says. “I would watch Jackie take vacations to France. I would never go to Paris without my husband. You have to make a certain decision as a wife to guard your marriage.”

According to Toya, it’s the woman’s responsibility to heed her husband’s needs, whether or not she’s the breadwinner.

“Jackie is a woman of God. Let’s be clear. In the Bible it doesn’t say anything about who makes the most money. It talks about the man being the head and pretty much we are the neck,” she says. “Your marriage is supposed to be the most important thing in your life. If making money is keeping you from being there for your spouse, there’s a problem.”

In Toya’s opinion, Jackie’s inability to slow down and hear her husband’s requests made it easy for him to step out.

“As soon as one person checks out or doesn’t hear or respect the other one or make changes for the other one, it’s done. They will go and find someone to give the little thing that they’re missing.”

Despite Toya’s stance that Jackie is partly responsible for Curtis’ philandering, she doesn’t think that her friend deserved to be cheated on.

“Hell no she doesn’t deserve what happened. Absolutely not. I don’t think any woman deserves to be in a position of infidelity. Starting all over at 40 or 50 years old is terrible. Someone throwing your trust in the trash over a sexual escapade with a woman is ridiculous,” she says. “No one deserves that but everybody is responsible.”