Tia Mowry puts all angst to rest over ‘Sister, Sister’ reboot

Fans of the '90s sitcom "Sister, Sister" can finally rejoice as a reboot is already in the works.

Fans of the ’90s sitcom “Sister, Sister” can finally rejoice as a reboot is already in the works.

Tia Mowry says that she and her twin sister, Tamera Mowry, are so close to finalizing a Sister, Sister revival. In fact, she says that there’s just “one step left” before its’s all finalized.

“[It’s] amazing and wonderful. My sister and I are taking meetings as we speak, so it’s definitely closer than ever to making this reboot happen. We are being told that they want it to be or happen next year in the fall. So, it’s going by so fast, everything,” Mowry told Us Weekly.

The actress added that the reboot isn’t just about getting the cast back together. There are also plans to bring back the old crew who worked on the beloved show, saying, “We’re talking about working with the producers who were producers on the show 15, 20 years ago. Just to be sitting in these meetings with them 20 years later, it’s crazy.”

As for what the new show would focus on, Mowry said that she’d like it to be true to life: “I’d like it to be where we are in our lives right now. We’re moms with children, but I would like for the show to really focus on sisterhood and the strengths and weaknesses of sisterhood.”