Legal docs reveal Tyrese is as broke as he says

After his expenses and lawyer fees, it appears 'Black Ty' is in the red

Tyrese submitted legal documents in the ongoing case between him and his ex-wife, Norman Gibson, revealing that he is as broke as he says he is.

While Tyrese does make $105,686 per month, his monthly spending is at $107,576, meaning he spends more than he makes, and that isn’t sustainable long-term.

–Tyrese begs Black women to ‘show up’ for pregnant wife because he has bills–

Add to that a $133,750 debt to his lawyers, and it’s clear “Black Ty” is in the red.

The documents reportedly show that Tyrese has $884,658 banked and $1.7 million in property worth.

Recently, Tyrese has made headlines with emotional videos and posts on social media ranting about the state of his finances and the drain that the custody case has been on him.

His ex-wife has reportedly asked for a mental health evaluation for Tyrese even as his friends worry that he is undergoing a breakdown.