Beyoncé’s pregnant backup dancer slays ‘Lemon Dance Challenge’

Dnay B reminds us the beauty and magic of pregnanacy

Dnay B reminds us the beauty and magic of pregnanacy

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After Mette Towley transfixed the world in N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s Lemon video, the internet has gone wild with all kinds of people getting in on the Lemon Dance Challenge.

Harlem-based dancer Denee “Dnay B” Baptiste, who is a backup dancer for Beyoncé, is the latest to take the internet by storm.

Why is she getting so much attention you ask? She just happens to be 37 weeks pregnant.

Dressed in a bright yellow jacket and a white crop top that shows off her pregnant belly, Baptiste performs her own freestyle of the Lemon dance. She body waves, twerks, dabs, headbangs and brings much needed joy to anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

“Ima dance this baby right on out,” she wrote in an Instagram post in which she shared a video her dance moves.

Baptiste showcases just what heavily pregnant women can do with strength, style and unbelievable agility. It just goes to show that pregnancy doesn’t have to be a drag all the time, it can actually be sexy, fun and empowering.

Take a look at the epic showing below.