Mariah Carey’s NYE show requires mandatory soundcheck after last year’s flub

A few days ago Mariah Carey announced on social media that she would be performing at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve again this year in spite of her massive fail at last year’s event.

You may remember that she headlined the festivities last New Year’s and she stopped singing multiple times throughout her set of songs. At the time she blamed the disaster on Dick’s production team, saying specifically that she had been “sabotaged.”

In response, Dick Clark Productions spoke of their work ethic and blaming her for not spending enough time rehearsing. This time around the soundcheck is mandatory and she has to rehearse in order to be performing at all.

Many people, some fans included, were surprised that she was even offered a second chance this year. Sources have said it meant a lot to her because she needed to prove to her fans that she can deliver a great performance live.

On the Dick Clark Productions side, they knew that she would draw the kind of ratings they wanted to see.

 2017 reminded us women in hip-hop deserve their spot on the throne — 

Social media had plenty of fun with the news she was up for the gig again with one Twitter user writing, “Mariah Carey’s flop on New Year’s Eve this year was literally the best thing that happened in 2017 and I can’t wait to see her do it again in 3 days.”

Another wrote, “Mariah Carey is singing on New Year’s Eve again. Prepare your ears everyone.”

“I would just like to point out that Mariah Carey’s new year’s performance was the highlight of this year. Like that was the peak. It’s just been downhill since then,” said one other.

Whether or not Carey will be able to prove she has the chops she says she does or not remains to be seen, but we can bet it something spectacular, one way or another, will be seen and by millions and millions of people.