‘Voice’ contestant Janice Freeman reveals Miley Cyrus paid her rent

Singer shares her gratitude in emotional video message to fans

Singer shares her gratitude in emotional video message to fans

(Photo: Instagram and Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

The Voice contestant Janice Freeman rang in the new year by praising Miley Cyrus for an act of charity.

Freeman, who was recently on Team Miley during Season 13 before being eliminated in the Top 11 round, said that Cyrus helped her and her family to get on their feet financially.

Apparently, Cyrus helped her to find housing for her family, and even went so far as to pay her deposit and six months of rent.

‘This woman blessed me’

“Like I’ve said before: Miley, you are my dawg, like my best friend, and I will defend you to the bitter end,” an emotional Freeman said, adding, “When I say you got somebody that got your back.”

“This woman blessed me to be able to move in,” Freeman continued. “Do you understand?”

“What she don’t know is I’ve been praying for her,” she said. She then added, “I’m so overwhelmed, and I need y’all to understand that it is time to go into 2018 believing God for real.”

She encouraged people to “live the lives that you need to live” before going back to her praise of Cyrus.

“Miley, I’m telling y’all, that woman is no joke,” she said.

“She put me and my family in a wonderful two bedroom apartment until I found something,” Freeman said.

“Y’all don’t understand that you see these people on TV. You see things happening and all of that. But you don’t understand that these people are real. And her heart is so huge. And she allows God to use her to bless my life.”