‘Served Like a Girl’ is a moving documentary on problems plaguing female veterans

Served Like a Girl is an eye-opening documentary that follows four female veterans as they compete in the annual Ms. Veteran America competition. Through their stirring stories, viewers get a glimpse of the many problems plaguing women in the military on and off the battlefield.

Jas Boothe, an Army Major who battled cancer and homelessness after serving her country for more than 16 years, created Final Salute in 2010, an organization that puts on the Ms. Veteran America competition to empower female veterans and raise awareness for the many problems they face and provide housing for female veterans and their children in the DC area.

Heroes Among Us

The film, directed by Lysa Heslov, follows several women including Sgt. Nichole Alred, MA1 Hope Garcia (Navy), LCDR Rachel Engler (NAVY) and Sgt. Andrea Waterbury (ARMY); four military members from diverse backgrounds who share the common goal of raising funds and awareness for homeless female vets through their participation in the competition. We also meet the competition’s director and first winner,  MSgt. Denise Gordon (AIR FORCE) and former competitor, SPC Marissa Strock (ARMY) who lost both her lower legs in 2005 when an IED blew up her vehicle in Baghdad.

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In the searing 90-minute documentary, we see the women struggle with PTSD, divorce, debilitating illness, military sexual trauma, and war injuries while working tirelessly to help their fellow soldiers. Their efforts lead to their own journeys of self-discovery and acceptance.

War on Women

Served Like a Girl sheds light on the appalling lack of resources available for the fastest-growing homeless demographic—female veterans. With more than 55,000 military women who are currently homeless, it’s a problem in desperate need of solving.

What is most striking about this poignant project is the strength and resilience demonstrated by women who took an oath to protect this country. We learn that women in the military are often treated as second-class soldiers. They are constantly denied the same rights and resources as their male counterparts once they return home.

Traditional notions of femininity are often frowned upon in the military and these women are constantly fighting to maintain their identities and their dignity while facing sexism from their peers.

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Viewers gain a deeper understanding of the gender-specific issues that women who serve face and it’s clear the war isn’t over once they return home.

Served Like a Girl is now available on Amazon Prime. Check out the trailer below.

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