Girl Bye! Stacey Dash came for Oprah and is now crying because women are bullying her online

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In a rambling 2,600-word open letter to Oprah, Seal, and the media, Stacey Dash proclaims that the #MeToo movement has devolved into high school-like shenanigans with rock-throwing on both sides. She also says that women have been bulling her online since publicly stated her belief that Oprah knew of Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior and did nothing.

“I have never needed anyone to speak for me or needed to use their words. So let me be very clear in this essay and open letter to Oprah Winfrey, Seal, the media, my fans, my critics, the #MeToo #TimesUp movements and every person who stands on either side of the sexual assault trend that’s doing both good and an impetus for reform. Yet at times this is capriciously destroying lives and careers without any proof, evidence above a simple accusation.”

Stacy Dash tries to come for Oprah and fails.

While Dash does seem to condemn assault and she even encourages women to report crimes to the police, she spends a good chunk of her letter caping for famous men who have been accused of sexual assault.

She also believes these current movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp are somehow purging masculinity from society and in many of these reported incidents, she thinks it’s just men being men.

“Men kiss. They make the move. It’s always been because that’s how men are wired. It’s not toxic masculinity. Being a letch is not the same as being masculine. Being an awful person is not the same as being male. Make no mistake; there are agendas at work here. There is a concerted effort to purge masculinity from society for whatever reasons.”

Condoleeza Rice on the #MeToo movement.

Dash (the sometimes acknowledged cousin of Damon Dash) has a long track record of talking slick, getting online thrashings, and then complaining about the backlash. The Clueless actress is shaking up her usual media attention routine by posting a long letter instead of offering up a biting tweet or a short video.

The meandering post, which lives on her website, jumps from topic to topic. In between complaining about her online bullies and finger wagging at women who don’t allow men to be men, somehow Dash lumps in everything from references of The Breakfast Club to Condoleeza Rice to her musings about getting into fights in high school.

Dash only mentions Oprah a handful of times in her letter, each in derisive terms. The letter is almost sure to attract more “bullies”… and media mentions. Surely Dash does not want either one.


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