Tamron Hall destroys writer who criticized her for saying she’s ‘unapologetically Black’

Former MSNBC anchor had all the time after conservative writer came at her sideways.

Former MSNBC anchor had all the time after conservative writer came at her sideways.

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Tamron Hall speaks out about marriage. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Tamron Hall had the best clap back for a conservative writer who tried to call her out for saying she’s “unapologetically Black.”

Hall’s statement, made in a recent radio interview with the Washington Post, apparently ticked off The Weekly Standard‘s Jeryl Bier. “Remind me why ‘Unapologetically black’ is ok?” he tweeted.

Hall’s response?

“Remind me why it bothers you?” Hall replied. “Never mind you opted to Jedi mind-trick the rest of my sentence, hoping it would vanish. I also said ‘unapologetically American’ But I can guess why you didn’t see it. Enjoy the interview in full.”

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Statement in its entirety

Indeed, Hall’s “unapologetically Black” comment was part of a larger discussion about her proud identity as an African-American woman who loves her country, despite its obvious flaws.

“My family is unapologetically black and supportive of our community, but also unapologetically American and supportive of this country and what we represent,” the former MSNBC anchor said.

When asked to elaborate on what being unapologetically Black means for her, Hall explained, “Some believe, if you are too pro-your-community, you’re anti-someone else’s. And we will shrink away from those conversations.

“We want to be at the table because of our talent, because of our hard work. We never want to be at the table because we are Black. And so sometimes, we shrink away from those things that make us special because of who we are as Black people,” she added.

What helped her embrace her Blackness without apology, Hall says, was a comment someone made to her.

“I remember it was someone who one day told me,” she said, “‘Listen, Joseph Lieberman is unapologetically Jewish. You can be unapologetically Black. That doesn’t mean you’re anti-anyone.’”