Florida ninth-grader says she was raped by three boys in her school’s bathroom, then suspended

A ninth-grade student in South Florida says that she was raped by three of her fellow classmates at Miami Carol City Senior High School.

The teen girl told WSVN-TV, “I was going to leave [the bathroom], and he grabbed me by my sweater, and he held tight, and so I was going to pull and leave, and he wouldn’t let me go.”

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She then says the first boy forced her to have anal sex with him and later told others that he had sex with her. As the word spread, other ninth-grade students began approaching her for sex.

“The third time, it was after school, and I was supposed to stay after school for math, for math tutoring, and there was a guy asking me if I could go to the restroom with him.”

The girl, who is only 14, claims that the other students forced her to perform oral sex on them and in October she confided in a teacher at her school.

In her statement she wrote, “…he grabbed me tightly by my hand, and he got me into the boys’ bathroom … I couldn’t breathe. I [was] choking and crying.”

The school did suspend, not expel, the boys for the incidents but they also suspended the rape victim.

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“I felt like they would really just take the guys’ side, and they would just believe them, leave me out and say that, you know, it was all my fault,” she said.

WSVN-TV reporter Brian Entin tweeted, “Just talked with the mom again — despite daughter writing in statement that she “couldn’t breathe, was choking, and crying” mom says school called it consensual and noted she didn’t scream or run away. Daughter was suspended.”

While the family of the rape victim didn’t think things could get worse, they did. According to the teen’s mother, “Thursday is when the investigator showed up at my house at 7 o’clock at night to let me know one of these kids was HIV-positive and the other one has gonorrhea.”

It will be a full year before the girl will know if she has HIV but in the meantime, she has been given medication. “She’s only 14 years old. How do you explain to your 14-year-old that she’s gonna have something that she can’t get a cure for?” her mother asked.

The school made a statement that said, “School district administrators in conjunction with Miami-Dade Schools Police are thoroughly investigating this case thoroughly, and it continues to be an active investigation. Information regarding the case has been provided to the State Attorney’s Office as well as the Department of Children and Families (DCF).”

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The rape victim said, “I’m getting therapy, and you know, I can’t sleep at night sometimes, and I really hope this doesn’t happen to any other girl. This shouldn’t happen to any other girl or boy.”

She is too traumatized to return to that school and despite what has happened the mother says she is finding it difficult to get the district to allow her daughter to transfer to a different one.