Internet has a field day with Obama portraits, here are some of the best memes

(Photo: Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald)

The internet was LIT after the official presidential portraits for Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled on Monday.

From memes expressing grief over the Obamas no longer being in the White House (because we’re still not over it a whole year later), to their portraits being photoshopped into church fans, reactions were both creative and epically hilarious.

Some online users poked fun at the beautiful backdrop of greenery behind former President Obama’s portrait.

Other memes even managed to find a way to take digs at the nation’s current commander-in-chief Donald Trump. One in particular pointed out that Trump failed to attend the National Gallery event to support the Obamas, despite the fact that Obama did for President George W. Bush, as did Bill Clinton for George H.W. Bush.

See other funny meme reactions below.

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