EXCLUSIVE: Check out the sneak peek at ‘Atlanta’ season 2

Atlanta Season 2
Atlanta | Photo: FX

We are just one day away from the highly anticipated return of Atlanta on FX and we can’t wait to see Earn, Darius, Paper Boi and Vanessa back in action. Who knows where this crazy cast of characters will take us this time around?

“Hopefully people will have a better understanding of why people from Atlanta are the way they are and why our city has the reputation it has,” the show’s writer and producer, Stephen Glover told TheGrio.

While details about “Robbin Season” are still under wraps, we can expect Glover’s character to dive deeper into his role as a father thanks to some inspiration from his own life. The new dad revealed his real-life role as a father has helped him “better able to relate to his character.” He also revealed that he regularly watches Planet Earth to get into writing mode for his FX series.

“I just think it’s amazing that you can have something that has violence and sex, and you can show it to children and be like, ‘Yeah, that’s just what it is. And that’s what I want to do with this show. Like, This is life; it’s not us trying to be provocative,” Donald Glover recently told The Hollywood Reporter. 

In light of this countdown, we have a new and exclusive “Flicker” clip giving us another exciting glimpse into the second season of the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning series from Donald Glover.

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What’s Paper Boi up to? Will Earn and Vanessa’s rocky relationship survive? What’s Darius getting into now?

The ominous clip suggests there’s lots in store for our faves as they navigate life, love, friendship and dreams against the backdrop ofa sleeping city.

Check it out below:

Be sure to tune in to Atlanta Robbin Season tomorrow at 10 on FX.