Donald Glover

President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey
Malia Obama is making big waves in the film industry. In a recent interview, Donald Glover revealed the news of her upcoming short …
/ April 5, 2023
Dre, played by Dominique Fishback, is such a compelling character, I can’t help but feel for her — even if she is a serial killer.
/ March 22, 2023
“Atlanta” was a brilliant show but they never really knew what to do with female characters. Is that excusable?
/ November 18, 2022
The finale of Atlanta was about questioning reality and whether or not the gang would pass a purity test. They did.
/ November 11, 2022
On “Atlanta’s” penultimate episode, we say goodbye to Paper Boi, one of the coolest fictional rappers in TV history.
/ November 4, 2022
Atlanta’s new episode may be a big metaphor for Donald Glover’s experience in Hollywood. Also maybe not? But Goofy is Stepin Fetchit
/ October 28, 2022
Paper Boi dodges bullets in a mall while Darius and Earn consider doing an uncomfortable act to get a pair of sneakers. 
/ October 13, 2022