We can’t get enough of Serena Williams and her adorable family.

On Thursday, she took to Instagram to post a series of pictures of her daughter, Alexis Jr., and they’re pretty much the sweetest things we’ve seen all day.

Her six-month pictures featured several different outfits and poses. One features little Alexis in a purple and gold outfit, complete with a golden bow, just chilling and looking at the camera.

Serena Williams celebrates baby Alexis Jr. (Instagram) thegrio.com
Serena Williams celebrates baby Alexis Jr. (Instagram)

In another image, we get the cutest little grin, with no teeth whatsoever.

And a third series of pictures has Alexis sitting up in her high chair and being her adorable self in an outfit with the words “Gangsta Napper” on it.

Basically, we’re in love with all of this pictures and with this entire adorable family.

“I almost died after giving birth”

Serena Williams deserves to celebrate her daughter’s birth given how challenging her delivery experience was.

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The tennis great gave birth last September via an emergency C-section. The Grand Slam champion was fine at first, but within 24 hours, a pulmonary embolism was detected. She knew something was wrong before her doctors did and, like many women, was forced to be her own advocate. Williams’ intense coughing undid her C-section sutures. Once doctors went to operate on her, they found a large hematoma in her abdomen. Williams’ harrowing and scary start to motherhood was also documented when doctors had to perform a procedure to prevent blood clots from traveling to her lungs.

Now, Serena Williams is an advocate for women’s health care, especially Black women, who often have their medical concerns dismissed by doctors.

Serena’s biggest fans

Serena Williams husband is also finds his wife pretty amazing and recently celebrated her in a delightful way.

The new mom was beaming earlier this week after driving by four huge billboards in Palm Springs giving praise to her from her hubby Alexis Ohanian.
Serena Williams was surprised by Ohanian’s extravagant gift as she drove by the billboards on her way to a tournament. The billboards outline the love the couple share along with their 5-month-old baby girl Alexis Jr.
Serena Williams said: “I’m so fortunate to have @alexisohanian and @olympiaohanian by my side for my comeback,” Williams captioned a drone video of the billboards on Wednesday, February 28. “I love my surprise so much from them. I feel so special. Love you both.”