Friday’s Morning Buzz: Russia Mocks Up Video Attacking Florida With ‘Invisible Missles’ and More

Florida is a frequent travel destination for Trump.

Donald Trump Vladmir Putin
Donald Trump, Präsident der USA (l.), begrüßt Wladimir Putin, Präsident Russlands (r.), im Rahmen der Eröffnung des G20-Gipfels auf dem Messegelände.

Top stories for March 2, 2018 include Russian President Vladmir Putin creating a video of a mock attack on Florida using “invisible missiles,” Jay-Z takes the thrown from Diddy for highest earning hip hop artist, and more.


Russia Releases Video of Mock Attack on Florida With ‘Invisible Missles’

Russian President Vladmir Putin alleges that he has “invisible missiles” that no super power (not even the U.S.) can stop. Putin claims that Russian’s hypersonic speed warheads would render NATO’s defenses useless. He went so far as to create a video showing a mock-up of an attack on Florida. Trump is a mainstay in the  sunshine state for his frequent Mara-a-Lago golf outings.


How Jay-Z toppled Diddy to claim top spot on Forbes list with a $900 million year

For the first time in Forbes hip-hop crowning history (since 2011), Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has out-done both Diddy and Dr. Dre for the top spot. Bringing in $900 million over the past year, in comparison to his previous year’s earnings of $800 million, the 4:44 rapper sits at the top of the hip hop throne. The jump in earnings is reportedly credited to his supersize Roc Nation empire, the Tidal streaming service, and this foray into champagne and cognac.

Tennessee School Bus Driver Found Guilty for 2016 Crash that killed Six Children

Johnthony Walker was found guilty on Thursday on charges related to a November 2016 school bus crash that led to the deaths of six children, ages 6-10. Walker was driving the bus in Chattanooga, TN when it flipped over and crashed into a tree. Prosecutors argued Walker was on speeding and on his phone at the time of the crash.  The charges against Walker included six counts of criminally negligent homicide. He will be sentenced in April.


Actors Who Screwed Up Moonlight Best Picture Award Set to Announce Best Picture Again

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty are acting legends, but they will also forever be known for the massive screw-up that led to the botched Best Motion Picture announcement at the 2017 Oscars. The pair announced La La Land as the winner when it was actually Moonlight that clinched the night’s biggest award. According to TMZ, the pair will seek redemption at this weekend’s event.