Angela Rye and Common
attends CNN Heroes 2017 at the American Museum of Natural History on December 17, 2017 in New York City. 27437_017

Common has been relegated to the “friendzone” yet again and this time it’s because of his breakup with cable news commentator and social justice rock star Angela Rye. 

We all thought Rye was a great catch for Common and we were all planning our outfits for the super fabulous wedding before our hopes of the two making it official got dashed. We guess the fate of their union wasn’t the right pitch.

Angela Rye confirmed the split to Page Six TV, saying, “We have and will always be friends. He is an amazing human being, and I’m a much better person because he’s a part of my life.” 

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“May we all keep loving and living,” she ended.

We hear you, girl.

Common and Angela Rye reportedly started dating late last year and the rumor mill about potential trouble in paradise began to churn when the CNN correspondent was not seen on Common’s arm during at the Oscar awards.  

We haven’t heard Common speak out about the breakup which makes us wonder if he may be feeling some type of way about the news.

But that doesn’t mean he needs to sulk on his 46th birthday today.

Still, Common’s a man with sensitivity and we want to see him win in more ways than one. We’re sure the Oscar winner is holding tight to his trophy after having his heart torn up over the years. Badu. Serena Williams. Now Rye.

We know that Common’s a good guy and really down for the culture, so can a brotha catch a break when it comes to love?

 Go Common, today’s your birthday and we think you should live it up and take some time to heal your sensitive heart.   

So here are 4 Things Common can do on his birthday today to get over his breakup with Angela Rye.

1.     Take a Solo Trip

What better way to heal your soul than to take a solo trip abroad and post a bunch of pictures posing up against the Eiffel Tower or with sunglasses, feet up, and unfazed sipping wine in a Gondola in Venice, or dancing the night away in Dubai. Party ova here! His heart can’t be broken if he’s busy enjoying himself with the locals. And when love is in the air, good karma might head his way in the form of a well-educated, woke woman who finds him charming.

2.     Plan a Bro Brunch

Where are your boys when you need them most? Now might be a good time to find your homies and hook up for a birthday bro brunch and talk smack about relationships and get some insight and advice on how to succeed in the next one. A bro brunch can be that healing space you need to vent in brotherhood with your boys and get some confirmation to boost a bruised ego. 

3.     Go Hard in the Gym

While this one will take time to produce results that you can see, maybe today’s a good day to go hard in the gym and work on gaining muscle and getting buff so he can flex on his ex and catch the eye of the ladies in waiting. Working out relieves stress and tension and it will provide a much-needed brain break in between writing Oscar award winning melodies and stalking your ex’s social media feed! Work out and post some Instagram shots of the work in the progress. Just wait and we’re sure it’ll be going DOWN in the dms!

4.     Party like a Rockstar

We hope that Common will make it rain in the club and party like a the true rockstar he is for his birthday. Do it like Jay-Z and let your hair down and celebrate your 46th birthday in style. Jay dropped $100,000 on a friend’s party and he even bought himself an $8M on a Maybach Exelero. Money ain’t a thang so live it up lavishly, pull yourself away from your work and celebrate in a BIG way! And he should make it a whole weekend of events to help him cheer up. Heck, go ahead and celebrate for the whole month! It’s yo’ birthday!

And then, next week, Common should channel all those feelings into a new Grammy or Oscar winning track!