Jay-Z drops over $100,000 on lavish birthday party

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The life and times of Shawn Carter is all about big pimpin’ and spending cheese as evidenced when Jay-Z dropped $110,000 for a friend’s birthday celebration in New York City.

Jay-Z didn’t spare a dime when it came time to show his friends some love. The award-winning rapper dropped six-figures as fast as he drops 16 bars on a track, for his homie Juan ‘OG’ Perez’ 50th birthday. Perez runs Jay’s Roc Nation Sports empire.

Party like a Roc-star

The party of five included Jay, Perez and his cousin Emory Jones, Roc Nation’s CEO Jay Brown and COO Desiree Perez, who is Juan Perez’s wife.

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The group of longtime friends reportedly first hit up Zuma, where Jay-Z shelled out $13,000 for dinner, and then they stopped by Made in Mexico, where he spent $9,000 for the bar tab, according to the Daily Mail.

When they got to Playroom the happy party revelers celebrated with 40 bottles of champagne and a cake that read: #RocBoys. #50.

The tab totaled a whopping $91,000! The Daily Mail reports that a server shared the bloated receipt on Snapchat. Jay-Z order 20 bottles of his Ace of Spades Champagne at $1,200 each and 20 bottles of his Ace of Spades Rose at $2,500 each.

Talk about wine and dine!

Jay-Z‘s been enjoying life with some lavish spending in recent weeks. He reportedly just dropped $8M on a Maybach Exelero.

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The Maybach Exelero, which debuted back in 2005 was once featured in one of Jay-Z’s music videos. Fans of the luxury automible call it one of the most striking coupes to ever be released. The super-coupe is a one-off design created by Maybach on behalf of Fulda Tyres.

Clearly this ride won’t need to be pimped out!

There was no sign of Mrs. Carter of the always adorable Blue Ivy at the party. The celebrity mom-and-daughter duo were spotted on the opposite coast over the weekend snapping selfies courtside at NBA All-Star in Los Angeles.