College cancels classes after racist graffiti found on dorm

(Photo: Fotolia/smolaw11)

 A university in Flint, Michigan canceled classes after racist graffiti was found written on a building on the school’s campus.

While it is unclear what the graffiti said, WEYI-TV is reporting that the racist message targeted Black students at Kettering University. 

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The incident is currently under investigation by the school and local law enforcement. The Flint Journal also reports that a note sent around for faculty, staff, and students stated that there were at least two other incidents of racist, profane graffiti reported in the past week, from the four-story Thompson Hall campus facility.

 The Detroit Free Press also confirm the report, stating that the other two incidents occurred last Thursday and Sunday and were immediately reported and removed. They were both described as “writings on a bathroom wall.”

The latest incident at Kettering University, however, seems to have been more serious.

Robert McMahan, President of Kettering University, said in a March 11th letter that he was “deeply upset by these incidents, for the pain this has caused the students to whom these messages were directed, and for the hurt this has caused to our entire campus community.”

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He went on to call the acts “unacceptable” and referred to the offenses of the culprit as “abhorrent to me and to us as a community,” stating that their actions “they run counter to our values and the very fiber of our being as an institution.”

“Words and actions such as these have no place at our University,” President McMahn continued, “nor do those who would perpetrate such an act.” 

Security for Thompson Hall has been increased and counseling services for students, faculty, and staff has escalated in availability.