Boy lands dream role and big bucks in ’Black Panther’ because he’s a mini Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Young Killmonger is a boss and taking his Black Panther success all the way to the bank! The 10-year-old kid who played Killmonger, Seth Carr, was paid $1,000 a day for the starring role in the box-office hit, reports TMZ.

Do you even know just how much ice cream and bicycles that can buy? 

The kid’s a star for sure, securing a role as the younger version of Michael B. Jordan’s villainous character in a flashback scene and a speaking part with Killmonger’s dad.

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The $1,000 a day rate is a good come-up for a kid. And TMZ reports that he was guaranteed a minimum of $7,654 for the part and future residuals. This movie’s a blockbuster so that means those residual checks should keep coming for some time.

Just this weekend, Black Panther made more history. Now in its fifth week out, it’s still the number one stunner. Forbes reports that Black Panther is the first movie since Avatar to do at least five straight weekends and only the fourth movie to do so in 20 years alongside Titanic, Avatar and The Sixth Sense.

Carr is riding high but this is not his first acting role. He had recurring roles in Amazon’s Bosch series and Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad.

Keep KILLing it kid and put that money away for college!

A message for Michael B. Jordan

In a world where the good guys in comic books are usually the fan favorites, Black Panther‘s Killmonger has attracted the attention of a very special little boy.

Eight-year-old Adonis Wolfe is cool with his biggest hero Michael B. Jordan playing the baddest dude, Eric Killmonger in one of the greatest movies of all time: Black Panther.

And while Killmonger may be bad, Michael B. Jordan is all heart and recently took time out to send Wolfe a special video message and schooled the second-grader on being his very best in order to grow up and conquer the world.

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Adonis Wolfe’s mom Jenaiya Coleman made some magic happen for her son after she recorded a cute video of him telling Michael B. Jordan how much he loves the Black Panthermovie. But how did Coleman get the superstar celeb with five million followers to even see it?

The Georgia resident said it all started after she took her son to see the blockbuster movie and he couldn’t stop talking about it. Then she said he became so obsessed that he drew a picture of Killmonger that was so dead on it impressed her.

“After I took him to see the movie, he talked about the movie of course for days and days,” Jenaiya Coleman said in an exclusive interview with TheGrio. “A couple of days before the weekend he said, ‘mommy I have to show you a picture’ and he drew a picture of Erik Killmonger.  I was like, ‘oh wow this is actually a good picture.’”

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Coleman said from there she formulated a plan to show Jordan the fan art Wolfe made. “I said, we’re going to find a way for Michael B. Jordan to see the picture,” said Coleman.

“But I lost it,” Adonis chimed in.

Getting the message out

Sad, but still determined, Coleman said she took to Instagram and made Jordan her #ManCrushMonday. While she says that isn’t something she usually does after talking to her son about his love for the actor, and how much the film inspired him, she hoped she could catch the eye of one of Jordan’s fan pages.

And it worked.

“Two of his fan pages LIKED the Instagram post. I actually sent the message to one of the pages telling her thank you and that my son would just appreciate knowing that one of Michael B. Jordan’s fan pages liked the post.”

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Mom was doubtful she would ever get a response. “He has over five million followers right now and I’m pretty sure his DMs are going crazy!” Coleman said laughing.

The fan page administrator was apparently instrumental in getting Jordan to see the post and the Black Panther star replied thanking Adonis for the compliments.

That’s when Coleman took it a step forward, had Adonis record the video and she sent it back to the fan page, unsure of what the end result would be.

A message from a hero

Adonis was in bed sleeping when Coleman’s phone buzzed and she woke Adonis up to a big surprise: Jordan had recorded a message of encouragement exclusively for him!

“If you work hard, listen to your mother and do all your work, especially your schoolwork,” Jordan says on the video message, “you can be … whatever you want to be — a doctor, engineer, lawyer, mechanic, biologist … . Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve.”

“Listen to your mother and do all your work, especially your schoolwork,” Jordan said.

Coleman was beside herself with joy.