D.L. Hughley “flummoxed” by O.J. Simpson comments on Kaepernick

Add comedian D.L. Hughley to #TeamKaepernick.

Just four days after O.J. Simpson told the Buffalo News that he felt former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a “bad choice in attacking the flag” and that the U.S. flag shouldn’t be “disrespected because of what cops do,” Hughley fired back on his radio show.

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“Isn’t stabbing two people to death a little bit more disrespectful?” he asked, referencing the 1994 murders of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, for which Simpson was tried, but acquitted. “I would rather take a knee than a knife. How you gonna stand for the pledge of allegiance when you ain’t even stop in the Bronco.”

Pulls out chair for O.J.

Hughley also said he was “flummoxed” by Simpson’s comments, and pointed to Simpson’s highly controversial case as proof that Simpson should take a seat.

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“Either you believe O.J. did it, or you do not,” he said. “If he did do it, he got away with murder and should shut up. If he didn’t do it, he should understand what it’s like to be accused of something you didn’t do and be exonerated.”

Simpson was released from a Nevada prison last year after serving nine years of a 30-year term for kidnapping and armed robbery. He gave an interview to the Buffalo News, recently, making it the first media outlet he has spoken to since his release. Buffalo is where Simpson spent his career in the NFL.

His comments about former Kaepernick, brought controversy when he gave is opinion on him kneeling in protest of police killings of African Americans.

He said what?

“I think Colin made a mistake,” Simpson told the paper. “I really appreciate what he was trying to say. I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag.

“I grew up at a time when deacons were in the KKK. I don’t disrespect the Bible because of those guys. The flag shouldn’t be disrespected because of what cops do. The flag represents what we want America to be.”

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