Houston Teen goes perfect 20-for-20 on college applications

Houston teen Michael Brown got a healthy dose of #Blackboyjoy when he found out he was accepted to all 20 of the colleges he applied to -- including four Ivy League schools

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Michael Brown (KHOU-TV)

Think of how difficult it is to get a perfect score on anything? How many NBA or college basketball players could go 20-for-20 at the free throw line?

Meet Michael Brown, a 17-year-old senior at Lamar High School in Houston, who applied to 20 colleges and universities, including four Ivy League schools. The results are in and he’s been accepted by every one of them. All 20…with a full ride to each and more than $260,000 in scholarships.

Nice resume

“It’s surprising I was accepted to all of them,” Brown said Sunday. The young man is involved in a long list of extracurricular activities, including debate and volunteering in community service.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, Brown, who comes from the city’s economically challenged Third Ward, was able to make it happen thanks to a 4.68 GPA and inspiration from his mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, who finished her degree while he was in elementary school. he has more options than he ever imagined.

“After she got divorced, she decided she needed to get a better job,” he said. She enrolled at Houston Community College and worked hard to become a licensed counselor when Brown was 8 or 9 years old.

“That’s the first time I understood what going to college might look like,” he said. “And seeing how important it was to my mom was important to me. I don’t even think she really knew that I saw, that it had an impact on me — but it did.”

Which one will he pick?

Brown hasn’t made a final decision on which school he will choose yet. He said that he’s narrowed his list to seven schools: Northwestern, Georgetown, Stanford, and the four Ivy League schools — Princeton, Yale, Penn, Harvard.

Brown was also accepted to Amherst, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Texas. He says he got serious about college toward the end of ninth grade.

He said it will likely come down to Harvard and Stanford and he will visit both schools soon, but no decision will be made before May 1.