Tracy Morgan on why he wanted to return to TV and inspire people

Tracy Morgan, is finally making his return to television after a car accident that almost ended not only his career but his life. We caught up with Tracy Morgan on the red carpet for the premiere of his new show The Last O.G.  The show puts a comedic spin on the injustices in America and emphasizes the importance of second chances.

Morgan plays the role of “Tray” a former convict who was imprisoned for 15 years on drug-related charges. He was released from prison for good behavior, and now has moved back to his hometown of Brooklyn to get back on his feet and to take advantage of his fresh start.

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When asked why this show is important Morgan stated; “It’s the perfect time to talk about second chances in life, not throwing anybody away. People are in this world struggling trying to get their life back on track and we want to be inspiring to them.”

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The show also features Blackish actor Allen Maldonado and he spoke on the importance of bridging comedy and serious topics such as the justice system “I think it’s important for us to talk about serious topics. I think it’s also more digestible when you can interject comedy into it, people will receive the message even more and it’s not as preachy; as someone just saying these people are just getting of jail and it’s tough for them to find jobs and secure themselves back into society. This story is about second chances.”

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Comedic legend, Cedric The Entertainer also joins the cast as “Miniard Mullins.” “To be able to play the guy that works in the halfway house where he is coming out and trying to get back in society. It’s just a fun role to play, and I get to be off the page In a lot of ways which is great.”

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Media Mogul and creator of the Love & Hip Hop franchise Mona Scott Young also graced the carpet to talk about the importance of this show.

“Its great when we can tackle real social issues with comedy. This a very real thing, we know what the incarceration system are. This is all very real, when you have to spend time away and reacclimate into society.

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The Last O.G. also star breakout star Tiffany Haddish who plays the role of Tray’s ex girlfriend. The series premieres tonight on TBS 10:30/9:30 central.