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If you’re needing a smile break from the madness that is life, check out the video circulating on social media of actor/entertainment mogul Will Smith encouraging two pint-sized entrepreneurs.
In the one-minute video, Smith comes upon two smiling little boys wearing T-shirts reading “Kidpreneurs are the future OGs” under black jackets.
“These are the owners, the business owners, of Brown Boys Lemonade, right?” Smith says.
One of the boys can barely contain his excitement, clutching his hands together and grinning like he just won the lottery.
Smith asks the little businessmen their names.
The older boy, wearing glasses, tells Smith, “My name is Anthony.”
The smaller boy chimes in excitedly, “And my name’s Ja’Den!”
This practically sends Smith over the edge, who is father to 19-year-old Jaden Smith, the actor.
“Oh Ja’Den! I got one a them at home man!” Smith shouts, sending both boys into giggles. “This is Anthony and Ja’Den! What’s up man?” Smith says.

Brown Boys Lemonade founded to finance video games
The two boys are brothers, Anthony Anderson and Ja’Den St. Hilaire and they live in metro Atlanta, according to CBS46. They launched their business four years ago to raise money for video games, the station reported.
They describe themselves in their Instagram profile as, “Co-owners and BROTHERS venturing out to Quench Thirsts EVERYWHERE!”
And they are popular.
Their Instagram account boasts more than 20,000 followers. The video, posted by @becauseofthemwecan, an account that offers positive news regarding Black people, has been viewed more than 2,400 times.
In the video, the boys make a sales pitch to Smith.
“The fabulous brown boys lemonade,” the boys say, holding a jar out to Smith.
“The fabulous brown Boys Lemonade,” Smith repeats.
“Made from honey and brown sugar,” the boys add.
“I love that; love it,” Smith says. “Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. MMMMM,” he adds.
Smith takes a sip and nods, sending Ja’Den into more giggle fits.
Smith has been gaining increased recognition in recent weeks for his social media posts that are a mix of the fun he is having in life and talks on life issues.