Solange goes topless in new Instagram photo and her fans are loving it

Solange is showing some skin in a recent social media snapshot.

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Solange showed more skin than we’re used to seeing in a recent Instagram post and the photo has fans singing her praises.

Recognized as more than just Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange posted the topless photo on social media on Friday and the snapshot features the star wearing black pants and long, blonde, beaded braids covering her bare chest.

The 31-year-old wife and mother who resides in New Orleans was flooded with praise from some of her 3.5 million followers after posting the pic.

“I love everything you are and everything you’re not, makes moves like a true queen,” one user posted. “Man I love this beautiful woman courage!!!,” another wrote. “I see ya, Lady Godiva!,” commented another fan.

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Check out the full snapshot:


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Solange is known to march to the beat of her own drum in more ways that one and her style has always been a reflection of her eclectic personality.

Southern roots

The singer recently revealed her reasons for moving to New Orleans during an interview with Billboard. 

“I almost felt like I was coming home because I really missed the South,” said the singer. “I think there are certain qualities of living in the South that I really, really resonate and connect with. The sort of slowness. I feel like, rhythmically, I move at a much slower pace. I create at a much slower pace. I really like to take my time with things.”

“I really wanted to connect with my mother’s lineage. Her family is from New Iberia, which is about two hours away from here. My dad’s family is from Alabama. I was really curious about what having my ancestors in that type of proximity would do for me spiritually and artistically and, also, as a mother. I also wanted to live in a Black city. Houston and Brooklyn and Los Angeles are very diverse cities, but they are not where the majority of the population is Bblack. I think it has been phenomenal just seeing Black women occupy every realm of space here in New Orleans. I wrote most of A Seat at the Table in New Iberia. I was there, off and on, for about three months. I would go up on Monday through Friday, come home on the weekends, or vice versa, depending on my son’s school schedule.”

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Daddy’s girl

Her father, Mathew Knowles, recently called Solange a “firecracker” on The Wendy Williams Show and dished about her elevator fight with Jay-Z. 

“I have to tell you, I laughed so hard,” he said of the infamous elevator fight between Solange and Jay-Z. “Because if you know Solange, that’s Solange. A firecracker! Don’t know where she get that from…And Beyonce would be in the corner quiet, just kind of like, ‘When y’all finish, just let me know…So I just laughed.”